The Dade County Bar Association featured a story Attorney Tracye Solove this month. In the story, Ms. Solove discussed her work in pro bono practice, specifically for underprivileged youths. One of the fruits of her practice came about when she represented a young boy in search of a better opportunity in the U.S.

According to Ms. Solove, the teenager had been living in Guatemala in near poverty with extended family members after his parents had passed away. There was no stove, running water, or even a toilet to use in their home. As he grew older, it became very apparent that something needed to change—that is when he decided to begin the journey of crossing the border to the U.S.

Ms. Solove took over his legal representation, guiding him through the court processes with both the Federal and State courts, the Federal Immigration Court, Juvenile Court, and the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS). In order to retain his protected status and remain in the U.S., Ms. Solove helped hi apply for Special Juvenile Immigration Status.

Ms. Solove reflects on the experience:

“It was amazing and humbling to see his future completely changed for the better by what we had accomplished. Indeed, we had participated in the American dream upon which this country was built as a place where anyone—regardless of wealth, race, or language—can come and have a chance to thrive. ”

You can read more from Ms. Solove’s story here: Dade County Bar Association Bulletin.

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