Solove Law Firm provides comprehensive representation for creditors, lenders, business owners, landlords, contractors, corporate entities, and individuals facing complex legal matters. Since 1985, we have been protecting the rights and safeguarding the business interests of our clients throughout Florida, the nation, and the globe.

  • We have been relied upon by financial institutions, government agencies, equipment lenders and Fortune 500 companies for over 30 years
  • We understand the financial consequences of our volatile economic climate
  • We can deliver the dynamic representation and individualized strategies your company requires to defend its current and future stability
  • We offer creative, cost-effective, and customized solutions

Commercial Collections Lawyers

No matter the nature or the size of your business or institution, payment defaults are more than a nuisance, they can have a significant impact on your overall profitability. Solove Law Firm can provide the assertive advocacy and supportive guidance you need through every stage of a collection process. Maximizing your recovery while safeguarding your interests is always our primary concern.

Our Miami commercial collection attorneys are experienced in numerous areas of commercial collection law, including:

Handling Business and Commercial Law

Mismanaged transactions, improperly structured business contracts, and lengthy disputes can result in serious financial consequences. Whether you are a small businesses, private investor, or Fortune 500 corporation, our firm can deliver the astute legal counsel you need to protect the interests of your business endeavors.

Solove Law Firm can provide the vigorous advocacy you need for business and commercial law issues such as:

  • Business contracts
  • Commercial litigation
  • Corporate transactions
  • Mediation and pre-suit dispute resolution services
  • Insurance and surety claims
  • Business disputes

Our experienced Miami business lawyers recognize the unique nature of your legal situation and tailor our representation to meet your needs and goals in the most efficient way possible. We offer reasonable fees and creative payment structures to protect your budgetary concerns.

Certified Mediation Services

Tracye K. Solove has been a mediator certified by the Supreme Court of Florida since 2004. Ms. Solove has participated in numerous mediations and dispute resolution conferences utilizing conflict resolution techniques which allow the parties to exercise self-determination in order to voluntarily resolve disputes in an efficient and practical manner. Mediation is an effective tool to resolving disputes pre-suit and is a pre-requisite to all civil trials in the State of Florida. Ms. Solove is available to serve as a neutral in her office and throughout the State of Florida.

Real Estate Disputes

Solove Law Firm provides real estate litigation representation for both domestic and foreign clients. Whether you are an investor, lending institution, commercial management firm, or homeowners association, we recognize any type of payment, lien, eviction, or title dispute can seriously disrupt the functionality of your business.

Our firm offers comprehensive legal counsel to handle various areas of real estate litigation, including:

  • Residential and commercial foreclosures
  • Commercial landlord-tenant disputes
  • Quiet Title Actions
  • Certificate of Title contests and evictions

Assertive Representation for Construction Litigation and Liens

If you are a contractor, subcontractor, or property owner, any dispute can cost your firm irreplaceable time, damage the viability of your project, and overrun your budget. Solove Law Firm can provide the resolute representation you need to protect your commercial or residential project.

Our team can deliver the insightful legal counsel you need for a variety of construction law concerns, including:

  • Mechanics liens
  • Florida Statutory compliance
  • Breach of contract

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For our multinational clients, we provide bilingual staff members to assist with your personalized legal counsel. Solove Law Firm offers a proactive approach designed to anticipate and mitigate the potential negative consequences of your legal situation and achieve a favorable resolution as efficiently as possible.

We represent a wide range of businesses and creditors, including Fortune 500 companies, throughout Florida, the United States, and internationally. We can deliver the insightful and resolute counsel you need to protect your rights and business interests during a mediation, arbitration, or litigation.

We welcome the opportunity to detail further the services we provide and how we may assist you. Contact us to request a case evaluation with one of our experienced Miami commercial collection attorneys.