Miami Contract Disputes Lawyer

Settling Disputes & Breaches to Your Best Interest

Contracts set the foundation of a business partnership or enterprise so that each understand what is expected and what the obligations are. Contracts also govern the operations, employment matters, and the secure sensitive data. A contract dispute or violation complicates the agreements made between partners. There may be some cases where it might be necessary to file a lawsuit in response and force another party to comply with the terms.

Whatever the reasons may be behind your contract breach or dispute, we understand the difficulties you face. As a business owner, you must protect the best interests of your company, investment, or enterprise. We can help you make decisions to safeguard these and avoid litigation, so you can cut down on expense and resolve matters promptly. To do this, we urge you to seek counsel from a qualified Miami business lawyer!

Types of Cases We Handle

Businesses can become strained and might even unravel when disagreements about protocols and management arise. As a partner, owner, and investor—disputes over your contract, especially breaches only add more stress to the situation. Solove Law Firm is prepared to guide you through every step of the process, whether it is due to an issue with real estate transaction, construction plan, or other partner dispute.

We handle many forms of breach of contract cases, which may include:

  • Disputes between partnerships and shareholders
  • Collections against higher-value partners
  • Commercial property disputes
  • Sales and marketing contracts
  • Financial documents
  • Confidentiality agreements
  • Employment contracts
  • Government and service contracts
  • Construction management disputes
  • Non-compete agreements

As a Miami business law attorney, we know firsthand that you want to do everything in your power to avoid lawsuits. By entrusting us to handle your case, we can facilitate the necessary conversation to help you, associates, and partners come to an agreement over the terms. Often, these cases can be resolved by clarifying the convoluted legal jargon and creating a solution where all parties can be satisfied.

Putting Your Business’ Interests First

Solove Law Firm has worked alongside Fortune 500 companies in resolving their business disputes and can help yours during a time of need such as a dispute. Our approach is comprised of establishing and maintaining a close relationship with our clients so we understand their concerns when disputes arise, and we put our more than 30 years of experience to work with each case. We offer bilingual help to our clients so we can provide the representation our clientele needs.

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